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Photos of our customers and employees from our local waters and other spots around the globe.

2016 Photos

JT's suspending bait fish.  New fly I came up with this spring.  Its been getting me a lot of tail...

Small night time striper on JT's bait fish.  This fly excels in weedy near shore conditions.
Stripers this spring have been killing the spearing and my fly is perfect for it.

2015 Photos

Miles of bunker in Manhasset Bay at sunset.

Richie Schiff killing the muskies on a fly he learned to tie at Atlantic Outfitters!

Beluga whales in Manhasset Bay!!

3 Beluga whales have been swimming around Manhasset Bay the last couple of days (May 22).  Really amazing!  Come rent a kayak and check them out for yourself.

2014 Photos

Jeff Romanek landed this monster in the sound May 25 at around 11 AM.  Not a time of day you would think about landing a monster striper like this.  The striper weighed in at 45 lbs!  Way to go Jeff!

2013 Photos

Girl Scout Troop 437!!!

437 in action.  Everyone had a great time!!

Snapper Fishing at the end of the Wharf.  Rods at the ready.

Young fisherman getting some advice on catching snappers.

Catching snappers is great.  Touching them, not so much....

Nice catch!  Snapper fishing is fun for the whole family.

Snapper attack!!!

Great way to spend sunset!

Rods at the ready for the next session.

2009 Photos

Nice Orient Striper caught with Captain Jeff Becker.  Unfortunately (yeah right) we were fishing for false albacore.  Made for a great dinner.

2009 Manhasset Bay Sportman's Club Snapper Derby

Master of Ceremonies Skip Campbell

Ron and Nicholas having fun at the Derby.

Big crowd at the MBSC 2009 Snapper Derby.

Chip looking after the snapper poles.  That is a serious number of snapper poles!!


Sportsmens Club tent for the Derby.  The MBSC provides bait, poles, drinks and hot dogs for everyone; it is a great event put on by a great organization.  Certificates and prizes are given out for first catch, most caught,  and other species caught.  It was a great day and everyone had a great time.  MBSC holds this event every year so try not to miss it when they hold it again next year!


Peanuts along the beach in LI Sound.


Peanut Bunker, Dave's Peanut Bunker Fly.  Notice the well used wire tippet.




Schoolie that took at shot at Dave's peanut mushmouth.




Baby weakfish caught during the snapper derby.  Her first fish all by herself!


All the kids were having a great time!



The boys were holding their own.  The derby winner (blue shirt, khaki shorts) caught 15 snappers!


Boat fire by Manhasset Bay Marina.  Word is two drunk morons put fuel in the wrong place and blew their boat up.  It almost drifted into the fuel dock while Seatow was trying to put the fire out.  Best part is we don't have a fireboat or boat with a hose in the Bay so Seatow put the fire out.  Drunk morons compliments of WICC.



Billy checking out Yakos beer goggles.  The ladies were impressed.


End of the summer dinner with the gang working at Atlantic Outfitters.


Rainy August morning fishing.  Nice bluefish on the line.


Ron pulled a fat schoolie out of the rocks off Barkers.  I am not sure who was wetter, Ron or the fish.  Nice when you are with a lady, not so great when you are fishing.


Matt getting Andrea in a Kayak for the first time.  Her turn to be in front of the lense (paybacks are hell).



2007 Kayak Run Winner.  I think she slept in it that night.





Exuma Bonefish Trip May 2007

Click image to see higher quality.

Manhasset Bay Sunset April 22, 2007



Photos 2006

Fishing Hempstead Harbor


Rocks along the shore off Sands Point at low tide.  Great place to find fish.


Little Mr. Striper in the mouth of Hempstead Harbor.


His big brother was just offshore.  He and his buddies loved a Crease fly tied by Dave Sekeres.


Trip to Orient with Wally and Captain Joe Blados

Morning blitz in Plum Gut.


Captain Joe Blados and Wally as we head through the Gut.


Joe getting my Alibie in the boat.

Nice Alibie caught near Gardeners Isl.  Fish and photo courtesy of Joe Blados.



Blitz along the beach in Orient.


Wally with a nice blue caught mixed with stripers and false albacore blitzing on the beach.


Family Fishing Trip

The Bluefish is almost as big as David!


Holy smokes!  These kids can fish!


Kids love fishing!  Captain Brian Moran makes an excellent guide for the whole family.


Poor Mr. Striper.  Who needs sharks, we have killer bluefish around these parts.  Look at the size of that bite!


Great morning of fishing.


I think we have a future fishing junkie on our hands.


Fly Fishing Sands Point

Striper on a Mushy.


Just look for the boil and cast away.


Shrimp in the water off Sands Point.


Enrico's and small brown shrimp imitations were working very well.


Nice schoolie off the beach.


One of many caught in the early evening.  Wire leader didn't even phase these fish.


Nice striper caught off Half Moon Beach in the middle of the day!


Daves Crystal Baitfish does it again!


Kayaking the easy way!


Farr 40 Worlds 2006
Farr 40's lined up in the marina on Goat Island.


Driving a Chase Boat full of passangers in rough seas.  It's like driving your car through a mogul field for six hours.  At the end of the day several cocktails were much needed!


Farr 40 World Championship Winners Mascalzone Latino.


Night Fishing in Manhasset Bay

Late night fish love dark colored flies.  This one took a purple Crystal Baitfish.  Thanks Dave!


Nice night-time striper caught in Manhasset Bay in about 2 feet of water.  This guy fell in the boat but was put back without harm.  Don't just chuck your fish back in the water.  Hold on to them and push them back and forth through the water until they swim away on their own.


Fishing with the kids.

Even girls like to fish.  Snappers are a great way to introduce kids to fishing.



Kids of all ages love fishing.  Check our for info on taking your kids fishing.



Sunset in the Sound.

Hooked into a sunset striper.


Small striper in the Sound.  Dave's crystal minnow was the magic fly.



Sunset in the Sound.


Boyan making a fast retrieve as we fish through sunset.



Kayaker in a Cobra Navigator off lands end in Long Island Sound.



Pat's blue takes a jump.  Bluefish really put on a great show.



Pat with a 6 pound blue on the 7 wt.




Wire is the only way to fish for big blues.  Forget about mono.




Eleven pounder next to the boat.  Three feet deep and you can't see the bottom.  Talk about murky.



Eleven pound blue on the fly in shallow water.  This spot was loaded with them but it is shallow.  There were very few signs of activity and if you aren't stealthy the fish will spook.  I had to pole in on these fish as not to spook them.



Nine lb. blue on the boga.  I caught this one in three feet of water.



Alex with a big blue that inhaled a popper off Sands Point.  Unfortunately this guy went to fishy heaven.

Always pay attention to your navigation system and don't cut Barkers point.  Apart from an ego, no one got hurt in this little scrape.  Amazingly the boat made it home under it's own power and there was no damage to the bottom of the boat.  Hey you scratched my anchor!


Bluefish blitz off Sands Point while I am hooked up on a nice 8 pounder with my 9 wt.


Another little schoolie caught in "the spot".  Notice the current behind me.  Lots of tide means use a sinking line to get your fly down.  Intermediate lines don't really sink in these conditions even with a quick sinking fly.


Download to see more detail.  I am going 38 knts. and you can see the beaches of Sands Point along with Manhattan clear as it can be.  Now why is it we live here again?...


The big catch... Boy-on-starfish.  What a fight they put up.  Good thing he was using a wire leader.  Make sure to get a good fillet off that one...  At least he is smiling this time.



Another crappy Manhasset Bay sunset from the Wharf.


Album of a great night on the water with Peter and his friends.  Everyone had a great time.

Mike, Rich, and Boy-on-baseball almost went to a Mets game with me.  Our view from the stairs to the #7 Train.  Always remember to check the date on your tickets... no matter when someone says they are for.  Thanks GAR.


Jerry R fishing in Long Island Sound.  Can you identify where we are?



A typical August sunset in Manhasset Bay.  Sunset on the Wharf is fantastic.  Stop by for Dinner or Desert.  We have great restaurants and a great ice cream store. 


Kids Love to kayak... especially when they get ice cream after!


Clear waters off Half Moon Beach.




Crew of the "Alchemy" for the 2006 Newport to Bermuda Race after finishing 2nd.


Boyan with a 43 inch striper caught on the Hobie Adventure right here in Manhasset bay!


Keith O with a 14 pounder he caught to win the fly division of the Manhattan Cup



This fish was caught, weighed and successfully released!


Notice the Atlantic Outfitters bunker fly hanging out the fishes mouth.


Peace and Plenty Bonefish Lodge.  This place is fabulous.


A nice little Exuma Bonefish.


A huge Exuma bonefish caught with Bonefish Drex.


Another shitty day in paradise.  Thanks to everyone at the P&P Bonefish Lodge.


2005 Photos


Fun with Albies on the North Fork.


Wally, stop sitting around a catch one will ya!


Great striper action with Captain Joe Blados off Plum Island, NY.

Contact the shop if you would like to arrange a charter.


10 lb. bruiser Weakfish on the South Shore.  Nice way to start the season.


But Brians is much bigger!  (14 lbs.)  Too bad it wasn't on the fly.


Captain Brian Moran with a monster local Bluefish.

Contact the shop if you would like to arrange a charter.


Lloyd with Brian and another big-ass weakfish on the South Shore.

Contact the shop if you would like to arrange a charter.


Julie doesn't do too bad herself.  Watch out Lloyd!



Lou with a brute roosterfish off Cabo.  Nice going Lou!!!


Kids and kayaking equals fun!


Pat making a big cast off the beach in Newport, RI.


Even with the fish held closer to the camera it's tiny.  Alex, put the rat back.


Redfish in the pouring rain.  Big fun!?..  I just wish they were big fish.


I think the fish looks happier than the fisherman.  It's like a fishing mugshot.


Bones Out-Island in the Bahamas.  This was a small one!


Want to see more great photos and fishing info on our local waters?

Check out www.skimmingthesurface.net

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