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Classes and Events

Upcoming classes and events at Atlantic Outfitters.

Private classes or group events can be arranged anytime by calling the Shop. (516)767-2215


Upcoming Events:

Kids Snapper Fishing

Tuesday nights in August, Snapper fishing for kids under 13. $10 per pole. All bait and equipment provided. Fishing Mates on hand to bait your hook, release fish, and give fishing pointers. Bring a cooler if you would like to keep some fish!! We also recommend bringing some bug repellent. Gnats and mosquitoes get bad around sunset.

Fishing starts at 6. Check in and pay at Atlantic Outfitters then walk down to end of Wharf and join the action. Weather permitting. $10 per fisherman.

Atlantic Outfitters/ Inspiration Wharf
405 Main Street, #2
Port Washington, NY 11050

Dates for fishing nights: August 20, August 27

Sunset kayak tour of Manhasset Bay.
Dates to be posted shortly along with other special events.

Group departs Inspiration Wharf at 6 pm.  Tour takes a leisurely pace along the Southern end of Manhasset Bay.  $60 per kayak.

For paddlers with basic kayaking skills and above.  This is not a lesson.  If you cannot keep up with the group you will be left behind.  There is no instruction involved unless fellow kayakers offer it to you.  Your guide is not there for instruction.

Trip departs the Wharf at 6 and returns at 8 PM.  $60 per kayak.  Price includes kayak, paddle, pfd, light, and bottle of water.  Maximum 12 kayakers, reservations required.  Non refundable $20 deposit required at time of reservation.

Tour is at dusk so remember to bring insect repellent!

Contact Atlantic Outfitters for reservations and more information.   Again this is not an instructional tour.
Phone: 516-767-2215
Email: atlanticout@optonline.net

Past Events and Results


2006 Kayak Fishing Tournament


We had a good turn out for the event considering the weather forcast was terrible.  The AM started off breezy but thing improved throughout the day.  For those who couldn't make it we will do it again the same time next year.  I will be adding more info tomorrow (Tuesday the 10th) and will be emailing everyone that participated with more details.  The initial results are as follows.


The winners are as follows:

Largest Striper caught with fly rod - Bob

Largest Bluefish caught with fly rod - Tom

Largest Striper caught with conventional tackle - Carl

Largest Bluefish caught with conventional tackle  - John


Largest Fish caught - Carl

Most Fish caught - Tie - Carl and John

Most crap on a fishing kayak (fish finders, rod holders, live-wells, anchor systems) - Carl


A big thank you to everyone for coming out on such a crummy day.  I also would like to thank Stan, I really appreciate your help.  Next year we will expand the event based on the reaction and turn out.



2007 Kayak Fishing Tournament Results

This years kayak fishing tournament was a great success.  We had thirteen fishermen enter the tournament and had fantastic weather.  A majority of the fish were caught between 10 and 11 AM.  Tide was high at 8:47 AM so most of the fish were caught about an hour into the outgoing.  Not everyone reported their catches but for those who did report in, the tournament results are as follows:

Overall Results:
Ed S - Fly
18" Striper
17" Striper
15" Striper


Peter F - Conventional
16" Striper
15" Striper
19" Striper


George W - Conventional
21" striper
25" striper
14" striper


Anthony - Conventional
24" Striper
8'.... Rope


John R - Conventional
10 lb, 27" Bluefish
8 lb, 25" Bluefish
14" Striper


Daniel S - Fly
16" Striper


Largest Striper on Fly - Ed S @ 18" - TFO Series 1 Flyrod
Largest Striper on Conventional - George W @ 25" - Barefoot Spinning Rod
Largest Bluefish on Conventional - John R @ 27" - Shakespear Spinning Rod
Most Stuff on a Kayak - Ricky S - X-Tools Floating Pliers


Again thank you to everyone for coming out for the event.  I also want to thank Kayak Fishing Association of New York for helping promote the event.  Hopefully everyone had a great time.  The event will be held again next year on Sept 27, 2008. Hope to see you then.
Tight lines, John


2008 Atlantic Outfitters Kayak Fishing Tournament Results

Another year and another great event.  A big thank you to the Kayak Fishing Association of New York and our fist sponsor Skwoosh Fishing Seats.  Also a big thank you to Al Stillman of East Coast Kayak Fishing.  We had a great turn out even though the weather forecast was less than favorable.  A total of sixteen Fishermen entered this year and the results are as follows:

Largest Striper on Fly: 21” - Ed S – TFO Series 1 Fly Rod

Largest Bluefish on Fly: 32.5” - Bob S – TFO Series 1 Fly Rod

Largest Striper on Conventional: 30” - Carl S – Ugly Stick Striper Rod

Largest Bluefish on Conventional: 33” - John R – Ugly Stick Striper Rod

Most Stuff on a Kayak: Ricky S - Skwoosh Angler II Fishing Seat

There were a lot of fish caught, mostly small blues (4 to 5 lb range) and schoolie stripers in the 20 to 26” range.  Most successful fishing method used – tube n worm.  Most of the fish were caught within the limits of Manhasset Bay.  A few guys fished around the rocks on Barkers and Hewlett Points with the same results.  The lack of bunker in the Western Sound this year has made the fishing less than stellar for large fish.  There are tons of small fish around which make for great fun but not for spectacular results.


Again thank you to everyone for coming out for the event, I hope you all enjoyed the fishing.  I really appreciate everyone coming out and hope you will continue to support the event.  I do this for the fun of fishing in Manhasset Bay and I hope everyone enjoys it as much I as I enjoy hosting it.  The stories alone make it well worth it.  I will hold the tournament again next year on September 26, 2009. Hope to see you then.
Tight lines, John


East Coast Kayak Fishing - http://www.eastcoastkayakfishing.com/

2009 Results:

We had a great turnout and great fishing.  Thank you to the boys from the Kayak Fishing Association for coming out, it is always great to see you guys.  To learn more about the KFA go to http://kfa-ny.org/  They are a great organization and it is a great way to meet other kayak fisherman and learn more about the sport.  So here are the results:

Largest Striper - Conventional Tackle - George W - 30"

Largest Bluefish - Conventional Tackle - George W - 39" !!!

Largest Striper - Fly Tackle - Ed S - 23.5"

Largest Bluefish - Fly Tackle - No winner.

Most Fish Caught - Carl S

**Everyone agreed Carl caught the most fish.  To prove the point Carl caught his last fish next to the launching dock as he was waiting for his turn to haul out with everyone watching.  Nice way to rub it in.

Longest Distance Traveled - Jaiem F - 13.33 miles on GPS

Check back for more details.

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